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The Centenarian Next Door

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Picture this. You’re a well known, popular singer (Rachel Platten) out walking your dog during COVID. Your beloved pooch does his business on your neighbors lawn, and you’re caught without any means to clean it up. But not wanting to just leave it, you knock on the front door, explain the situation, and ask for a bag. Yes, that’s actually how Rachel Platten met Gloria Mikialian, musician, musical muse, and the centenarian next door.

That first meeting between then 97-year-old Gloria and Rachel could best be described as unexpected. Gloria, a former concert pianist, ended up playing piano while Rachel sat on the front porch and listened. Rachel tearfully shared on TikTok “how incredible it is that music never leaves us.” 

That was just the first meeting between these neighbors and soon to be friends, and just the first TikTok post. Gloria became a welcome sight for Rachel’s followers, often playing music or telling stories. 

Over the years the friendship has grown deeper, the two bonding over music and life in general. Together they celebrated Gloria’s 100th birthday, and Rachel credit’s Gloria for being the inspiration for her song, “Girls.”

These two clearly have a special relationship. Relationships are an integral part of the 100 Year Lifestyle. No one wants to live to 100 alone. The relationships in your life are the Surround Sound Support System for your mind, body, and spirit. This network of relationships should cover all the bases, supporting you in pursuing the quality of life that you desire, in reaching your full potential, and in helping you through crises.

Interested in what other deeply personal way Gloria influenced Rachel? Read the whole story here.

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