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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Jennifer Carauddo, D.C.


Growing up, I was involved in many sports including swimming and track. For years, I had signs that something was not right with my body. As a young child, I would wake up and not be able to move my neck. The pain would come and go. My friends and family chalked it up to growing pains. One day, I woke up one day with such excruciating pain in my lower back I could hardly even perform everyday tasks–and this was in my 20’s!
Having been athletic all my life I was shocked at how much pain I was in. Over the course of a few months, it worsened. Disliking the taking of medications ,I became more dependent on them to get through my days. I stopped all athletic activity, and I soon for the first time in my life felt depressed. I sought medical help but the doctors said there was little they could do for me. A family member gave me a number for a local chiropractor. I must say I was skeptical and a little scared. What should I expect?
As soon as I walked in the door I felt welcomed and cared for. The chiropractor explained that I had misalignments that was affecting my body’s ability to be healthy. He told me he could help me. After the first adjustment, I felt different. By the third adjustment, I realized just how disconnected from my body I had been. By the end of my care, I was sleeping better, I had more energy, and I resumed my activities. That experience shaped me and changed my life. Chiropractic continues to enhance the quality of my life. Now I spend my days running after my vibrant little daughter Caitlyn. We treasure our vitality and love to spend our free time hiking and enjoy the joys of living in the bay Area. We love scootering and walking our dog Toro.


Front Desk assistant
I recently moved to the Bay Area from the island of Maui. Growing up
in Hawaii has shaped me to have a passion and appreciation for the
outdoors, being active, and living a natural lifestyle. I am a certified
yoga instructor, and I am constantly looking for ways to live a
healthier, happier life! I am thankful to work at a place like Aligned
Health Chiropractic that deeply aligns with my values.
I first started receiving chiropractic care in my early 20’s. I am
hypermobile and have lived with chronic pain since I was a child. My
hypermobility has caused many injuries and has kept me from doing so
many things other people my age can do with ease. I wasn’t really
receiving help or answers from any of my doctors, who said there was
nothing they could really do except give me pain medication and
cortisone injections. This worked for a short amount of time, but
eventually the pain came back even worse. This led me to visit a
chiropractor. After my first adjustment I couldn’t believe how amazing I
felt! From there I began getting regular adjustments and my body and
life have completely changed, allowing me to do the things I love the
It’s amazing to work in this office and see the positive impact
chiropractic care has on other people as well. Dr. Jen’s holistic
approach and mission to heal the root of the problem is something
very special that I truly believe in. I have so much faith in chiropractic
care and look forward to welcoming you to the office!