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Satisfied Patient
My son was experiencing symptoms around 1 years old that included severe fussiness and banging his head against walls or floors. He would scream in his car seat and was all around cranky all the time. His sleep regressed and it seemed like his whole personality had switched al of the sudden! After 2 adjustments with Dr. Jen he was completely back to himself. He slept through the night again, stopped banging his head, and ended the fussy streak. I was so thankful to have my sweet and mellow baby back! Both of my kids have had amazing experiences going to Dr. Jen as infants. Most of the time when they are going through fussy phases, it is really a sign they need an adjustment and are just uncomfortable/in pain! Thank you, Dr. Jen, for your help always!
Satisfied Patient
I have been receiving consistent chiropractic care with Dr. Jen over the last 8 years. She has supported my body through two foot surgeries, the pregnancy and birth of my child, my autoimmune diagnosis, and the day-to-day abuse my body receives teaching students with special needs.
My husband and child are both under her care as well. My care has changed tremendously over the years, as my life and body have changed. I have changed my mindset around medication and pain relief. Dr. Jen has shown me alternatives to the pharmaceutical drugs and my life is better for it! I have raised my child with this new perspective and can’t believe how healthy she is and how her body is thriving. I believe in this lifestyle and know that chiropractic care will always play an essential part of our lives.
I joined the team here to support other patients on their journey to living a healthy lifestyle. I see patients every week who have more movement / range of motion, less pain, taking less pain medication, and whose depression and anxiety are lessening as their body heals. I see first-hand the body’s ability to heal itself and I am so thankful to be able to celebrate and acknowledge these victories with our amazing patients.
Satisfied Patient

“After only a few adjustments my baby has grown into one of the happiest babies around.”

Its hard to remember the baby Blakely used to be. As a newborn, born 2 1/2 weeks early Blakely was very fussy and easily irritated. She was hyper sensitive and had a lot of digestive problems. I took Blakely in to see Dr. Jen in her first week of life and saw an immediate difference in my daughter! After only a few adjustments my baby has grown into one of the happiest babies around.

      With help from Dr. Jen, we are able to know her true personality happy and easy-going! Strangers stop me all the time when they see how smiley my little 5 month-old is. It’s crazy to think that I used to be afraid to get out of the house because my baby cried so much and it was difficult for me to handle doing much other than taking care of her. I’m so thankful Dr. Jen has taken care of my daughter and through all my postpartum needs and her digestive and nervous system needs! Birth trauma to babies is a real thing- and I can attest to seeing the before and after difference adjustments can do for a baby! Thank you Dr. Jen for being there for my family and helping my daughter feel her best so that she can be her true self happy!

Mary Schriver
Satisfied Patient
“She has magic hands as for as I am concerned.”
“I have been with Dr. Carauddo for around 10 years now. She has magic hands as for as I am concerned.  I have had back issues, arm, and leg issues and she has worked out all the pains.  When I initially started I was going in 3 days a week for about 4 weeks. That is how bad my back was out of line.  Then gradually went down to 2 days a week, then 1 day a week.  I now go 1 day a month.  Sometimes when I over-exert myself I will go in 2 to 3 x’s a month. Dr. Carauddo also has given me good diet advice and when I’m stressed out about life in general, she is easy to talk to and gives suggestions that have helped ease the tension. I have referred several family members and friends to her that are so grateful for her help.
She has my highest respect for her care and professional expertise.” 
Stephanie B. BA/Holistic Health, CMP, KIM
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jen has been my chiropractor for the last 8 years. I have been in a few car accidents over that time. She has helped me tremendously with my pain and headaches. I had my own practice with chiropractors for 20 years, so I have had a ton of experience with different chiropractors and Dr. Jen is especially knowledgeable & efficient with her adjustments.

I also appreciate her philosophy of healing the whole body through nutrition & emotional healing, as well as Chiropractic. In order to really heal, we need to work with every aspect of the body & Dr. Jen does that. THANK YOU! 

Kitta M.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jen is Awesome!

Dr. Jen is awesome and her technique is very gentle. I have been a patient of hers for over 4 years now and she has helped me tremendously.

I have a very physical job that requires me to use my body and can sometimes fatigue my muscles. Recently Dr. Jennifer has been rehabbing my right shoulder back to health through muscle work and chiropractic adjustments. It has been 2 and half weeks and I now have twice as much move in my shoulder and almost no pain.

No matter if you have joint pain, suffer from headaches or allergies, or just are interested in chiropractic care Dr. Jennifer is one in a million.

Michelle M.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jen is a really great chiropractor!

Dr. Jen is really a great chiropractor! I have been a regular patient of hers for nearly 5 years. She has helped me through some serious issues with my back and neck and got me to the point where I am sustainable. I feel so much better! Her technique is gentle, and relevant to the specific area of issue. I like that her approach involves a great deal of listening. I have come to learn from her the factors such as: exercise, diet, and work stress which all have effects on the health of the spine and nerve system.
I also like that Dr. Jen’s practice includes children and teens. Particularly since our children have exposure to repetitive stress injuries and neck strains due to their frequent use of cell phones, Ipads, laptops ,etc. Early awareness and gentle intervention has helped our family’s youngsters maintain any issues and engage wit stretching and other techniques recommended to help strengthen between visits.
I am extremely grateful to have found Dr. Jen!

Satisfied Patient

A Fathers Investment to a Healthy Life

Dr. Jennifer is amazing! She has worked wonders in adjusting my wife’s neck, back and hips. My wife feels so much better since going to Dr. Jennifer because she has been in so much pain and discomfort in those areas for many years. Based on my wife’s referral, I visit Dr. Jennifer on a monthly basis to have my back and neck adjusted. As a father of a toddler, it’s very important that I get adjusted because my daughter is very active and full of energy so playing with her at the local playground present its challenges being that I am 6′ 2″ tall. More importantly, I’m investing in my long term health so that my daughter has daddy around for a long time. Dr. Jennifer evens give my daughter an adjustment because an 18 month tend to take a lot falls on as they figure out how to walk & run. Based my referral, my Dad comes all the way from Oakland every to his back, shoulders and neck adjusted from Dr. Jennifer. If my Dad comes all the way from Oakland to Los Gatos every Friday to get adjusted that says a lot about Dr. Jennifer. Basically, we have adopted her into my family. Dr. Jennifer is effective, approachable, personable and informative. She’s a natural teacher and loves her job. My family is grateful that we found Dr. Jennifer Carauddo.

Dave S.
Satisfied Patient

Blood Pressure Resolution

In the past few months, my blood pressure readings have been higher than normal. Even with my strict diet and exercise routine my readings were coming in on the high end. About five weeks ago Dr. Carauddo recommended that we do cranial sacral once a week. Dr. Carauddo takes my blood pressure reading when I come in, does an adjustment and the cranial sacrum work and then re-takes my blood pressure. It has been dropping consistently for the past 3-4 visits. I have not made any significant changes to my diet, supplement or exercise routine so I credit this improvement to Dr. Carauddo/chirorpactic.

I strongly recommend before going on medication consider alternatives and for me, this is working very well.

Maria G
Satisfied Patient
Dr. Magichands Hi my name is Maria Armas Gonzalez. I want to take this opportunity to Thank Dr. Jennifer Carauddo, AKA ” Magic hands” for putting me back on track with my health. I have been a patient for a couple years now. Before I began to see Dr. Jennifer I suffered from migraines, was over weight, and was taking heavy duty medications for rheumatoid arthritis. Through her patience and her chiropractic care, I now have not only lost weight, but I am sleeping better and my arthritis pain is under control. My migraines are gone!!! She has taught me what to eat, to exercise and to get adjusted regularly to optimize the health of my nervous system.
Lesley Heard
Satisfied Patient

  Thanks to Dr Jen Carauddo’s method I am back in action

   Hi I am Lesley Heard and I am 55 years old and I was in a car accident and body was damaged more than the car. My My lower back was mostly the problem, the nerves were crushed, it had me walking very slowly, hard to sleep at night, could not work we’re hardly drive. Being 55 years old you would think it takes years to heal, but thanks to Dr Jen Carauddo’s method I am back in action. I am blessed to be under the care of Dr Jen. A friend told me about Dr Jen and I am forever grateful. I also went from doctor to doctor with no help, but Dr Jen was my help. Thank you Dr Jen for getting me back to my life that I had before the car accident.

Satisfied Patient
When Colton was about 3 months old, I became concerned that he was developing a flat spot on the right side of his head. I asked the doctor about it, and he said he was concerned that Colton was having an issue with his neck muscles because he was also having a hard time turning his head to look left. The flat spot was developing because he was favoring turning to look right and thus creating a flat spot on the right. He also screamed when I would put him in the car, which was really the only time he would cry. The doctor gave me some stretches to do to help him.
I have always seen a chiropractor for my years of back problems, so I decided to seek out a chiropractor that works with babies and children.
At the preschool I send my children, some of the moms had Dr. Jen as a recommendation for chiropractic. The first time I took Colton, his neck really needed an adjustment. After his first time, he fell asleep in the car, which was heaven. Almost immediately he started to turn his head to both sides and have tummy-time again. I couldn’t believe it; I was so excited. I realized that he must have had some bad neck pain that kept him from turning his head and being adjusted took the pain away. In the beginning, I needed to work on restraining him to turn his head. I did the stretches that doctor told me to do, as well as getting him adjusted. I would know he when he started to get fussy again, which in the beginning was about twice a week, but soon he was turning his head to both sides, pushing up while on the tummy, and sleeping in the car seat and longer at night. I really feel like he became a completely different baby. I just took him to his nine-month appointment and the doctor says he is advanced, crawling and standing up. I can’t thank Dr.
Jen enough for helping my baby boy.
Satisfied Patient
As a mother of three, including a set of twins, my body has been through a lot, not to mention the countless car accidents as a kid and adult that always seemed to cause me back issues. Having chronic pain, all the doctors would do for me is throw pharmaceuticals at me. Pill after pill and still very little to no relief. It was really unbearable.
I met Dr. Jen when our girls became friends in kindergarten. I had suffered a pelvic separation while pregnant with my twins and no one would work on me because it was “complicated”. I also was experiencing intense sciatica pain in my lower back and down my leg. Dr. Jen was up for the challenge though. After a few treatments with her, I knew chiropractic was something I could believe in. The pelvic adjustments allowed me to walk better and with more stability and my sciatica has improved dramatically. I am taking far fewer pain meds throughout the day as well. I began to experience better health with regular adjustments and wanted to help spread the word about chiropractic care.
I started working with Dr. Jen on her social media and website to help others find information and get care to live a healthy lifestyle. My twins, husband, parents, and brother have all come to find relief with Dr. Jen and chiropractic. I have learned so much about living a healthy lifestyle and how taking a whole-body approach to living can get you to optimal health, ultimately living your best life.
Cameron Corey
Satisfied Patient

A Babies Transformational Story!

Our daughter Cameron Rae Corey spent her first 9 days of life in the NICU after an emergency C-section caused her to be born premature. For the first 4 months Cameron was very fussy, she didn’t eat well and could barely sleep more than an hour without waking up crying. We tried everything imaginable to keep her happy. Finally, after some thought we decided to take her to go see Dr. Jen after a great reference to her work. Within less than a week of seeing Dr. Jen our daughter went from being fussy and sad all the time to being the happiest most vibrant baby around. Dr. Jen is so gentle and loving with her and as parents we have complete trust in her with our daughter. Cameron is now 7 months old and has been seeing Dr. Jen weekly for the past 3 months. She sleeps great now, eats a ton and is rarely fussy. We owe all of the positive growth we have seen in our daughter to Dr. Jen. Our only regret is not seeking her help earlier!

Beverly S.
Satisfied Patient

Came in with some heavy duty pain and ailments.

I met this wonderful practitioner after my daughter (Nicole) referred me. Actually , I was a sceptic of chiropractors and didn’t know if they were “Real Doctors”. Nicole lauded to Dr. Jennifer Carauddo’s office.

Dr. Jen gave me a free assessment. She didn’t pressure me in any way, ( I appreciated that). I allowed her to design an adjustment and payment schedule I could follow and afford.

I came to Dr. Jen with some heavy duty pain and ailments. I kid you not, my body changed within four weeks of treatment. The intense pain in my neck, shoulder, and back subsided. Dr. Jen has done adjustments on my wrist (for carpal tunnel pain), my feet (plantar facitis), my hip (authritis), my knee (torn meniscus), and my shoulder (torn rotator cuff).

It’s great not needing pain killers. Go see her, I know you won’t be disappointed with Dr. Jen’s “healing touch”.

Maria A.
Satisfied Patient

Rheumatoid Arthritis Success Story.

When I came in to see Dr. Jen I was on some heavy duty medications. The side effects were pretty bad. I was getting more migraines, had gained weight, and I could not sleep. She was able to zero in on the things (lifestyle choices) that I needed to change.

My whole body felt better. In July 2014, I was celebrating my birthday and decided to go off my medications (with the advisement of my medical doctor) and I began to feel much better!

Before I began to see Dr. Jennifer; I suffered from migraines, was over weight, and was taking some serious medications for rheumatoid arthritis. Through her patience and her chiropractic care, now I have now not only lost weight, but I am sleeping better, my migraines and my arthritis pain are under control. I am no longer on any medications.

About 4 weeks ago, Dr. Jen started working on my cranial bones. I do not know what she did but after she worked on me my vision was more crisp, the ringing in my ears was gone, I do not have headaches anymore, I have more energy, and I am not as swollen anymore.

She has taught how to eat, to exercise and to get adjusted regularly to optimize the health of my nervous system.

John L.
Satisfied Patient

I am feeling much better!

Dear Dr. Jennifer,

This is a quick thank you note to say how much better I am feeling after your help. When I came to you after seeing two doctors for my pain in the left side by the hip. It was really giving me trouble. I had an ultrasound done and luckily nothing was found. Both doctors dismissed it as muscle pain from my previous hip surgery. After my third visit with you I could see results! Your gentle touch worked “magic”. I could feel the problem getting better. In one of our sessions you adjusted my neck and it relieved my ear-sinus problem. My wife and I have moved down to our Tucson home for the winter…and I only wish that you were here to do some continued maintenance on me.

Justin M.
Satisfied Patient

Renewed Sense of Health

Four Years ago an injury at work left me with chronic pain in my arms, neck, and upper back. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy due to repetitive motion. My employers insurance recommended physical therapy and medication but did not get relief. After careful research I decided chiropractic care could benefit me. I visited a chiropractor in the east bay while I lived there but after a friend told me about Dr. Jen. I saw real benefits. On my first visit she listened closely to understand my experiences and treat my condition. The worst symptoms of pain and numbness where gone after a year. Now I stop by for the occasional body ache. I used to play guitar before my injury and now I’m playing again! Chiropractic care is the safest and most effective practice to support my all natural lifestyle. Now I’m able to do the things I love like yoga, exercise, and live a pain free life.

Josue M.
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jennifer has helped me tremendously!

I came to Dr. Jennifer because I was experiencing lower back pain that radiated to my right leg. It felt like a pinched nerve. I couldn’t walk with out pain, no lifting, bending, walking or sitting for prolong periods of time would make it worse. She asked me about my health history and if I had had any prior injuries. I told her that as a kid I was struck by a car. That is where most of my symptoms originated from.
After a few weeks of coming in for care I definitely started feeling a lot of improvement. The adjustments have alleviated my lower back pain as well as my neck and upper back, something that I also had been having problems with. I had constant headaches, so she advised me to drink more water, taking supplements, stress less and exercising more. I feel much better health wise. Dr. Jennifer is very knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her, she has helped me tremendously.

Dana Breckbill
Satisfied Patient

Look no further. You have found The One, The Best!

Since the tender age of two, traditional doctors treated my daughter’s Asthma and Allergies with medication and medication alone. She was pumped full of steroids and antibiotics. She used her inhaler daily and nebulizer 3-5 per week. I knew there had to be a better way to help alleviate the symptoms by not only treating the symptoms but understanding what the factors causing the symptoms are. Doctors would prescribe antibiotics back-to-back if symptoms did not clear. When I asked the doctors why, I was told because they didn’t know what else to do.

I read how the spine can sometimes compress the lungs. I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Carauddo. My daughter was eleven years old when Dr. Jen first evaluated her. She required daily use of her inhaler and nebulizer treatments 3-5 times weekly. Her ability to run and live an active life was limited by her ability to breath. Dr. Jen took a thorough health history report and physical exam.

Our next office visit Dr. Jen shared with me articles with information about how gluten causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body can cause many underlining health conditions including Asthma. Dr.

Jen suggested we consider a gluten free meal plan. The next visit Dr.

Jen shared with me with an article about the importance of Vitamin D and the symptoms caused by a Vitamin D deficiency.

I read the articles that supported what Dr. Jen had shared. We decided to go gluten free and increase my daughter’s Vitamin D intake. We had weekly visits with Dr. Jenn for a couple months. We decreased the frequency to every other week and then to once a month and eventually into a maintenance as needed phase. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Jenn for adjustments and changing to a gluten free meal plan, my daughter no longer required her inhaler daily. She no longer needed her nebulizer.

In fact, it was almost a year until she had to use the nebulizer due to seasonal allergies causing asthmatic flare.

Dr Jen is so much more than a chiropractor. Dr. Jen is a wellness doctor, a healer, a nutritionist, an optimist, and she is our life saver! My daughter is now 17 years old. She rarely requires her inhaler and may need a nebulizer treatment once per year if that. We recently relocated from the Bay Area. Often my daughter will say to me, “I miss Dr. Jen”. When we are in the Bay Area, I am sure to book appointments for us to see Dr. Jen.

If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no further. You have found The One, The Best!

Forever grateful parent and client,

Dana Breckbill