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Keri Corey
Satisfied Patient

“After only a few adjustments my baby has grown into one of the happiest babies around.”

Its hard to remember the baby Blakely used to be. As a newborn, born 2 1/2 weeks early. Blakely was very fussy and easily irritated. She was hyper sensitive and had a lot of digestive problems. I took Blakely in to see Dr. Jen in her first week of life and saw an immediate difference in my daughter! After only a few adjustments my baby has grown into one of the happiest babies around.

      With help from Dr. Jen, we are able to know her true personality happy and easy-going! Strangers stop me all the time when they see how smiley my little 5 month-old is. It’s crazy to think that I used to be afraid to get out of the house because my baby cried so much and it was difficult for me to handle doing much other than taking care of her. I’m so thankful Dr. Jen has taken care of my daughter and through all my postpartum needs and her digestive and nervous system needs! Birth trauma to babies is a real thing- and I can attest to seeing the before and after difference adjustments can do for a baby! Thank you Dr. Jen for being there for my family and helping my daughter feel her best so that she can be her true self happy!

Mary Schriver
Satisfied Patient
“She has magic hands as for as I am concerned.”
“I have been with Dr. Carauddo for around 10 years now. She has magic hands as for as I am concerned.  I have had back issues, arm, and leg issues and she has worked out all the pains.  When I initially started I was going in 3 days a week for about 4 weeks. That is how bad my back was out of line.  Then gradually went down to 2 days a week, then 1 day a week.  I now go 1 day a month.  Sometimes when I over-exert myself I will go in 2 to 3 x’s a month. Dr. Carauddo also has given me good diet advice and when I’m stressed out about life in general, she is easy to talk to and gives suggestions that have helped ease the tension. I have referred several family members and friends to her that are so grateful for her help.
She has my highest respect for her care and professional expertise.” 
Stephanie B. BA/Holistic Health, CMP, KIM
Satisfied Patient

Dr. Jen has been my chiropractor for the last 8 years, or so. I have been in a few car accidents over that time. She has helped me tremendously with my pain and headaches. I had my own practice with chiropractors for 20 years, so I have had a ton of experience with different chiropractors and Dr. Jen is especially knowledgeable & efficient with her adjustments.

I also appreciate her philosophy of healing the whole body through nutrition & emotional healing, as well as Chiropractic. In order to really heal, we need to work with every aspect of the body & Dr. Jen does that. In order to really heal, we need to work with every aspect of the body & Dr. Jen does

Lesley Heard
Satisfied Patient

  Thanks to Dr Jen Carauddo’s method I am back in action

   Hi I am Lesley Heard and I am 55 years old and I was in a car accident and body was damaged more than the car. My My lower back was mostly the problem, the nerves were crushed, it had me walking very slowly, hard to sleep at night, could not work we’re hardly drive. Being 55 years old you would think it takes years to heal, but thanks to Dr Jen Carauddo’s method I am back in action. I am blessed to be under the care of Dr Jen. A friend told me about Dr Jen and I am forever grateful. I also went from doctor to doctor with no help, but Dr Jen was my help. Thank you Dr Jen for getting me back to my life that I had before the car accident.

Cameron Corey
Satisfied Patient

A Babies Transformational Story!

Our daughter Cameron Rae Corey spent her first 9 days of life in the NICU after an emergency C-section caused her to be born premature. For the first 4 months Cameron was very fussy, she didn’t eat well and could barely sleep more than an hour without waking up crying. We tried everything imaginable to keep her happy. Finally, after some thought we decided to take her to go see Dr. Jen after a great reference to her work. Within less than a week of seeing Dr. Jen our daughter went from being fussy and sad all the time to being the happiest most vibrant baby around. Dr. Jen is so gentle and loving with her and as parents we have complete trust in her with our daughter. Cameron is now 7 months old and has been seeing Dr. Jen weekly for the past 3 months. She sleeps great now, eats a ton and is rarely fussy. We owe all of the positive growth we have seen in our daughter to Dr. Jen. Our only regret is not seeking her help earlier!

Bret Bigger
Satisfied Patient

” I am blessed to be under the care of Dr Jen.”

I grew up playing all types of sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball) and dedicated myself to football as I got older. From here I sustained several injuries that I have thought about everyday for the last 10 years (I’m only 27). Specifically, my left shoulder, left side of my neck, left lower back and all down my left leg have been a constant pain to me. It’s affected my everyday life because I am in pain all times throughout every day and it is demoralizing to feel as though your body is slowly starting to deteriorate each day, despite my efforts in the gym. I have grown accustomed to the pain, and I would push through it every day as I felt I had no way to heal myself. My mindset was “I better just accept the pain because there’s nothing I can do about it (other than maybe surgery)”. However, Dr. Jen encouraged me to continue seeking answers and she discovered that I do not have a lot of injuries on my left side, but rather my nerve endings are damaged which results in my body over/under compensating.

I have tried all types of things to alleviate the symptoms of my aching and burning muscles/nervous system. Some steps that I have taken in the past are acupuncture, yoga, stretching, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massages. None of these seemed to actually make me feel better but rather it was just a temporary relief of pain (like a painkiller pill) and then once I would wake up the next morning, the pain would be back.

That is until I found Dr. Jen through my wonderful fiancée, Marrissa, who also received help from Dr. Jen! I have been seeing Dr. Jen twice a week for 2 months now. I knew it was going to be a long journey to get my body to even feel slightly better, but Dr. Jen provided one of a kind guidance and care. Not only does she genuinely care about the good health/well-being of her clients, but she also physically and mentally makes you a better person. Her chiropractic techniques are very specialized, and she formulates her care to each person’s specific goals/needs. For me, my goal was to feel better physically, even if it was just a little bit because that little bit means a whole lot to me! Progress started slowly (as expected because I have so many injuries) but gradually I started to gain range of motion, increased flexibility and even relief during my days at work/ in the gym.

If I had some words of encouragement for the next person in my shoes, it would be to stay patient and trust the process. Most likely your injuries have gradually gotten worse over time but if you stay consistent with your chiropractor visits then you will reverse that trend and slowly but surely feel slightly better each day. Then after enough good days stacked on top of one another, you will find relief and a renewed hope that your life can and will be better!

Life is good when you’re able to be active and healthy!

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