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Living Color

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We talk about eating the rainbow. Some people are described as “colorful characters.” Certainly, life’s black and white moments are never as enjoyable as those in living color. Color is all around us, and an integral part of our life. But are you really aware of how color affects your life – and your health?

Bodily Functions

Beyond just impacting our moods, research shows that color affects our bodily functions and illnesses, and can be used to treat disease. Photobiology (the study of light) has been used to look at the effects of color on brain waves, blood pressure, respiration, and circulation. Additionally, it has been determined that color affects the endocrine system. This system is regulated by hormones in the brain and thyroid.

If the brain perceives certain colors, it will send messages to the thyroid that a part of the body requires healing. For example, blue light therapy is used to treat babies with jaundice. It is also commonly used to treat skin cancer growths.

Color also stimulates appetite. It should come as no surprise that fast food restaurants heavily utilize the colors yellow and red as they stimulate appetite. Blue, on the other hand, has been shown to suppress appetite. Want to eat less? Use blue plates.

Color and Experience

Colors are chosen carefully in hospitals and learning environments. Hospitals and medical offices rely on color to help create positive patient experiences. Color can determine whether a medical environment is perceived as welcoming or sterile, thus reducing or creating stress and anxiety. Color can create a positive feeling among patients, or not.

From preschool to university level education, color plays a role in designing appropriate environments that are both stimulating and calming. Environments where energy and mood are boosted create an excitement for learning without creating overstimulation.

Nothing New

While the effect of color on our physical and mental health is an ongoing area of study, it’s nothing new. The Egyptians and Chinese have long used color to heal. Their holistic color treatment, referred to as chromotherapy or colorology, utilized color to stimulate different parts of the body.

Yellow – stimulate the nerves and purify the body
Blue – soothe illness and treat pain
Red – increase circulation and stimulate the body and mind
Orange – increase energy level and heal the lungs
Indigo – relieve skin problems

Your Environment

For most of us, the colors in our own lives are what we are most comfortable with or like. We dress in colors that we believe suit us. Our homes reflect our favorite colors.

But is favorite always best? Perhaps it’s time to put the power of color to work for you in your own life. Often find yourself feeling blue or low energy?  Maybe you need to add a new color to your wardrobe? Does your home help you find the peace and tranquility you are looking for after a long day of work? Or maybe your home office is more tiring than inspiring? Consider the colors in your life, and not in your life, and perhaps make a change.

Your Health

Now that you’re aware of the tremendous impact color has on your health, utilize it as a tool in living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle. Remember, when you know better, you do better, and life can get so much better with a few small lifestyle changes.

While all tools that support your living at 100% for 100 years or more are valuable, nothing is as valuable as taking care of your spine and nervous system. It is essential for a healthy, long life. Find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you to help you maximize your healthy longevity so you can enjoy that colorful life of yours!

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