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Genetic Empowerment

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Are you going to be a victim of your genetic makeup or an empowered participant in your healthcare? Science is now showing that we are not victim to our genes. Ultimately, we are responsible for our health. The choices we make determine our cellular makeup and genetic expression. Does this sound surprising?
As participants in our own healthcare we need to beware of profit centers and true factual information. And, we need to seek results. We all know what health looks like. If you are on a multitude of medications and are constantly managing your ‘health’ I would implore you to look deeper. Start reading and educating yourself. Have models for true health. People who inspire you to take action. And most importantly seek results. Health in its simplest form means we sleep well, digest our food efficiently, we can move well, and we are medication free and in general feel vibrant and full of energy free of pain and discomfort. You are free of dis-ease and you are excited about your future. This is TRUE HEALTH.
Currently we have two styles of health care. One is passive and one involves personal accountability. You need to make a determination of what you want. And if you are willing to face the fact that you have the power to determine your health fate or if you want to be a passive participant. Do you want to be treated, medicated, and diagnosed with various conditions? IS that your vision for health. And, if you say yes that is okay but if it is No then keep reading.
Health care is creating passive and disempowering beliefs, but science actually shows us the opposite is possible. Choices determine not only cellular expression but genetic makeup. We have been told we are our genes. Is this not true? It is not!!! And this is great news.
We go to doctor and they test our genes and ask our genetic history and then we get pigeonholed into a victim mentality that we are going to suffer the fate of our ancestors with no consideration of lifestyle.
Let’s break down the science and the facts. All cells have minus outside and positive inside. They are essentially a small battery with 1.4 volts. We have 50 trillion cells X 1.4volts so that is 7 trillion volts of energy. With this much energy you can self-combust! We can channel this energy into healing. We have an innate intelligence and this is a self-healing ability that we are born with.
Two cells come together in the form of a sperm and egg to form a trillion celled organism. You do not need to direct that process. It happens naturally. We are told that the nucleus is the controller but it does not control the cells. It merely replicates data. It does not control the cell ! You need the signaling – so what controls the cellular expression? The brain! The brain sends signaling.
Only two things can be wrong with the DNA
1.Protein is bad
2.Signaling is bad
Less 5 percent are birth defects (aka protein is bad) .
We can have lack ease or DIS_EASE in three different ways:
1. Trauma – interference to signal
2. Toxins – bad chemicals can create interfere propagation
3.Thoughts – your mind is a powerful entity! It can be a switch= perception of our world is how we see our world. It is you and how you see the world that controls your cellular makeup. It changes the signaling and this causes disruption or ease.
Our cells organize themselves around our beliefs. What we think. What we perceive. Research has in fact been done showing that if you tell a patient that they have cancer and they do not that there are some who developed cancer anyway. There is a strong Belief in GENES . But really you maybe you should believe in your innate to heal and overcome imbalances. The gene is the blue print. It is never on or off. We control the signaling with our choices.
The science of epigenetics has shown we can turn gene expression on and off with healthy choices. So we have the genes or blueprints but it is up to us to make positive choices to allow those genes to express themselves to the best of their potential.
Your health is in your control. Every day media tells you genes control dis- ease .But really it is your lifestyle. You turn genes on and off with choices. So what choices dictate the expression of our genes?
Nutrition -What we eat?
Movement – spinal movement
Endurance, Strength, Stretching – we like to call this get your ESS in shape
And who you surround yourself with and the thoughts we think.
The people in our life cause our cells to vibrate in a positive or negative way. The thoughts we think have an impact. The providers we choose have a role. Are they uplifting you and believing in your full expression of health or managing your disease.
What thoughts do we think either out loud or in that little quiet voice that only you hear? Are the thoughts positive and encouraging? If not you need to reprogram that inner voice.
You must have people in your life that uplift you and you must take continued efforts to love and uplift yourself. Always strive to be better. To be healthier. To remain open and full of love. That is TRUE health and TRUE health CARE.
Wishing you the very best health!
Dr. Jen Carauddo, D.C. and staff
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